Tuesday, June 27, 2017

TNTP Teaching Fellows Shows No Effects on Math Achievement for Middle and High School Students

The What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) recently reviewed the research on TNTP Teaching Fellows teachers and their impact on academic achievement. A new intervention report, released today (June 27) by the Institute of Education Sciences, concludes that TNTP Teaching Fellows teachers were found to have no discernible effects on the mathematics achievement of middle and high school students.

TNTP Teaching Fellows is a highly selective route to teacher certification that aims to prepare people to teach in high-need public schools. The program recruits professionals seeking to change careers and recent college graduates who are not certified teachers.

TNTP Teaching Fellows expects its participants to teach for many years, but does not require them to make a minimum time commitment to teaching. Program participants complete online coursework and receive 5–7 weeks of in-person training focused on foundational teaching skills during the summer before they begin teaching. They must demonstrate mastery of these core skills to be eligible to teach. They receive continued professional development and coaching from TNTP Teaching Fellows during their first year of teaching, and additional support provided by their schools and districts. As full-time employees of the public schools in which they work, new TNTP Teaching Fellows teachers receive the same salary and benefits as other beginning teachers in their school district.

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