Thursday, November 13, 2014

Teach the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in Rural Schools

Math educators around the country are gearing up to teach the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). This represents a major shift in content and pedagogy from existing state standards, and implementation will be especially challenging for math educators in rural schools.
Members of the Northeast Rural Districts Research Alliance expressed interest in learning about rural schools' and districts' most pressing needs in implementing CCSSM; what states and districts are doing to prepare for and address these needs; and what curricular and professional development opportunities are available and being developed. Using administrator interviews and teacher survey data from selected rural districts, the Regional Educational Laboratory Northeast & Islands at Education Development Center conducted a needs assessment.
The study found that rural teachers feel "somewhat prepared" to implement the CCSSM. Their most pressing needs include opportunities for collaboration; high-quality, CCSSM-aligned instructional materials; and time and support to plan teaching practices that reflect CCSSM goals. This report offers insight into how state, district, and school administrators can help teachers prepare students to meet these new, more demanding standards.

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