Monday, September 22, 2014

The Impact of NCLB Accountability Sanctions on School Performance:Evidence from North Carolina

Comparisons of schools that barely meet or miss criteria for adequate
y early progress (AYP) reveal that some sanctions built into the No
Child Left Behind accountability regime exert positive impacts on 
students.  Estimates indicate that the strongest positive effects
 associate with the ultimate sanction:  leadership and management
 changes associated with school restructuring.  

This study finds suggestive 
incentive effects in schools first entering the NCLB sanction regime,
 but no significant effects of intermediate sanctions.  Further
 analysis shows that gains in sanctioned schools are concentrated
among low-performing students, with the exception of gains from
restructuring which are pervasive.  

The study finds no evidence that schools
achieve gains among low-performing students by depriving
high-performing students of resources.

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