Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Compendium of Research on the Common Core State Standards

The Center on Education Policy has released A Compendium of Research on the Common Core State Standards, which includes over 60 studies focused on a range of issues and topics related to the Common Core.  This user-friendly compendium summarizes each study on a single page, highlighting important details about topic, scope and timeline, and includes URL links to the original study documents. Research from government entities, independent organizations, and peer-reviewed publications from academic journals are included.
The compendium is organized into nine distinct categories so users can find the information they seek quickly and easily:
•           Communications & Public Opinion
•           Comparison of CCSS Content to Wide-Scale Assessments
•           Content, Curriculum, & Alignment
•           Cost Analysis
•           Governance & Leadership
•           Implementation
•           Teacher Preparation
•           Teaching & Professional Development
•           Testing & Assessment

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