Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Twins and Kindergarten Separation: Divergent Beliefs of Principals, Teachers, Parents, and Twins

Should principals enforce mandatory separation of twins in kindergarten? Do school separation beliefs of principals differ from those of teachers, parents of twins, and twins themselves?

This survey questioned 131 elementary principals, 54 kindergarten teachers, 201 parents of twins, and 112 twins.

A majority of principals (71%) believed that twins should be separated in kindergarten, while only 49% of teachers, 38% of parents, and 19% of preschool and kindergarten twins agreed. Additional survey results describe reasons for separation beliefs held, perceived trauma of kindergarten separation, positive and negative reactions to school separation, and percentage of kindergartners separated.

Representative belief statements of twins, categorized into themes, supplement the report.

Administrative bias and discrimination against twins are discussed.

Recommendation is that principals should avoid making unilateral twin placement decisions.

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