Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gender Gaps in College Enrollment: The Role of Gender Sorting Across Public High Schools

This study finds gender sorting across Florida public high schools contributes to 12 percent and 16 percent of females’ higher rate of college enrollment among black and Hispanic students, respectively.

Girls and boys sort into different public schools at a level well beyond what would be expected if the sorting were random, and that the level of gender sorting is higher among black and Hispanic students than among white students.

The authors find that even a modest amount of gender sorting may substantially contribute to gender inequality in college entry.

The authors suggest that girls may be sorting into more academically challenging schools, but cannot state with certainty whether the schools are producing the gender gaps. As opportunities for school choice grow, the authors recommend that school systems and policymakers document and monitor gender composition and, if necessary, consider gender balance in their school assignment policies.

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