Thursday, September 27, 2012

Personalizing Algebra Word Problems Improves Performance


Original Problem
One method for estimating the cost of new home construction is based on the proposed square footage of the home. Locally, the average cost per square foot is estimated to be $46.50.
You are working at the ticket office for a college football team. Each ticket to the first home football game costs $46.50.
You are helping to organize a concert where some local R&B artists will be performing. Each ticket to the concert costs $46.50.
You have been working for the school yearbook, taking pictures and designing pages, and now it’s time for the school to sell the yearbooks for $46.50 each.
You work for a Best Buy store that is selling the newest Rock Band game for $46.50.

Results : Students in the experimental group who received personalization had significantly higher performance.

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